FoHVOS' Efforts to Steward the Valley's Natural Resources

There are 20,000 acres of land in Hopewell Township in natural cover. This represents 50% of the total area and includes forests, wetlands and meadows. This large amount of area provides habitat for a diversity animals including 35 species of mammals, 106 birds, 27 reptiles, 23 amphibians, 85 fish, 57 dragonflies/damselflies, 94 butterflies/moths, and 10 mussels. A total of 65 of these animal species are listed as priorities for conservation in New Jersey.

Unfortunately, this rich diversity is perpetually hampered by human-generated problems such as overabundant deer populations, invasive species infestations, forest destruction and fragmentation, etc. FoHVOS mitigates these negative impacts through active stewardship that protects and restores biodiversity.

Please feel free to contact Michael Van Clef, Stewardship Director, with any questions about FoHVOS' stewardship efforts or additional information about natural resources in the Hopewell Valley. Mike can be contacted at 609-730-1560 or

New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team
2016/2017 Deer Management Program and Public Access Limitations tax incentive program Baldpate Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan