2017/2018 Deer Management Program and Public Access Limitations

The Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space are conducting a Deer Management Program (DMP) to improve the health of our forests (please see page 5 of the Spring 2007 newsletter for more information on impacts of deer overabundance). For the safety of preserve users and to increase the effectiveness of the DMP, each of the preserves listed below will be closed to the public for 45 days during the hunting season. Click on the links below to view signs that have been placed at each of the preserves - each sign indicates when the preserve will be closed to the public. We encourage hikers and naturalists to enjoy our preserves and hope that everyone will appreciate improvements to our forests' health made possible by hunters in our Deer Management Program. Please contact Michael Van Clef, Stewardship Director, at 609-730-1560 with any questions about the DMP or public access.

Preserve Signs

Deer Management Program Preserve Maps

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