Deer Management

Overabundance of white-tailed deer in our community has led to human health issues including increased automobile accidents and Lyme disease, damage to home landscape, crop losses for farmers, and ecological degradation of meadows and forests.

Even relatively small properties, 5-10 acres, can engage in deer management activities.

FoHVOS can provide a variety of services regarding deer management:


Deer Management in the Hopewell Valley

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Deer Management Testimonial

Feedback from a Private Lands Stewardship Program participant:

"Got Deer? Who doesn't?! We recently purchased our dream property with ample room for gardening. Unfortunately, we also acquired a large herd of voracious deer. When a deer jumped over our car as we came into our driveway I knew we had to do something. Our neighbor recommended her son who was a new, licensed hunter. But where to start? We aren't hunters. We didn't know what the rules were.

We wanted to pursue deer management on our property responsibly and FoHVOS made it incredibly easy and even enjoyable for us. One phone call to FoHVOS put us in touch with Mike VanClef. Mike discussed how important deer management was to not only our property but to the region. We talked about the damage caused by deer overpopulation on our forests and farmlands.

He created overlay maps of our property showing safety zones for hunting. Perhaps best of all he arranged for a seasoned hunter to mentor the newly minted hunter interested in hunting at our place. They came out with the maps, walked the property, and created a safe and effective strategy for managing the deer.

Our young hunter benefited from the knowledge and guidance of a master hunter who helped him at every step in the process from setting up the deer stand to delivery of the deer to the processor. We now have a freezer full of healthy venison. Even better, we felt like we were involved with a community of people taking the time to help each other and our natural resources. We are so impressed and thankful to FoHVOS for their commitment and accessibility."

– Hopewell Valley Resident

Private Lands Stewardship Program


Deer Browse on Landscape Plantings
Deer Browse on Landscape Plantings

2016/2017 Deer Management Program and Public Access Limitations tax incentive program Baldpate Mountain Forest Stewardship Plan