Private Lands Stewardship Program

Restoring Hopewell Valley's Natural Heritage – One backyard at a time...

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The Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space (FoHVOS) has established the Private Lands Stewardship Program, a free service to FoHVOS members . The Private Lands Stewardship Program supports stewardship efforts of all members regardless of property size or membership level.

Many in our community want to support the natural diversity of our native plants and wildlife but do not know how to start. Our natural heritage is hampered by problems including overabundant white-tailed deer and invasive species. FoHVOS mitigates these negative impacts through active stewardship that protects and restores biodiversity. The Private Lands Stewardship Program extends these efforts to all Hopewell Valley homeowners seeking to implement sound ecological stewardship practices.

FoHVOS staff will provide an 1 to 2 hour visit to your property to guide and assist in enhancing the natural beauty and ecological value of your land. Click to learn more about these free options open to participants:

For a brief summary of the Program, please download the Program flier. Our goal is to enroll a minimum of 800 Hopewell Valley households.

Please contact Michael Van Clef, Stewardship Director to discuss some options. Mike can be contacted at 609-730-1560 or

To register online, click here.

To become a FoHVOS member, click here.

Currently, 90 households in the Hopewell Valley are enrolled in the Private Lands Stewardship Program, totaling 2,100 acres. That's equivalent to the acreage of all FoHVOS nature preserves!

PLSP participants are doing their part to steward the Valley. They've planted 7,785 native plants in their gardens and landscaping. Sixty-six households signed onto the Landscape Planting Pledge.

Hear one PLSP participant's comments about the program: "...we felt like we were involved with a community of people taking the time to help each other and our natural resources. We are so impressed and thankful to FoHVOS for their commitment and accessibility."

Private Lands Stewardship Program Participants Map
PLSP participants map
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Private Lands Stewardship Program

Private Land Stewardship Program Benefits:

The Program is open to:

Through our Community Stewardship Plan, we realized the critical importance of supporting stewardship of private lands, which make up nearly 70% of the Hopewell Valley.

We need your help to steward our natural heritage and provide a great example to your neighbors.

To learn more about Private Land Stewardship Program participants, click here.

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